Who are we?

This site is maintained as an archive of PSP information. For information on current and forthcoming activities visit www.publishers.org


Mission Statement

The Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division is part of the Association of American Publishers (AAP), with Division headquarters and staff at the AAP offices in New York City.  As rendered in a statement of December 2005, the Division’s mission is to represent the common interests of its members who publish for professional, scholarly, research and commercial markets in such areas as business, law, science, technology, medicine, social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities.  To these ends, the Division:

  • Informs and educates its membership about important issues via publications, the PSP Annual Conference, meetings and a PSP-maintained website;
  • Proposes and promotes policy positions and standards important to scholarly and professional publishers and may fund AAP Core projects related to these objectives;
  • Provides continuing professional education opportunities designed to enhance the skills of member company employees in all areas of professional and scholarly publishing; and
  • Recognizes the excellence of members’ publications through the PSP Annual Awards Program.

The PSP mission should also be viewed in the context of the mission statement of AAP, below:

AAP's mandate covers both the general and the specific — broad issues important to all publishers as well as issues of specific concern to particular segments of the industry.  The Association's "core" programs deal with matters of general interest: intellectual property; new technology and digital issues of concern to publishers; Freedom to read, censorship and libel; international freedom to publish; funding for education and libraries; postal rates and regulations; tax and trade policy; international copyright enforcement.  Directed by standing committees of the Association, these programs, along with a host of membership services including government affairs, a broad-based statistical program, public information and press relations, are the "core" activities of the Association.

Each of AAP's divisions and industry-wide committees deals with a specific market area: general trade and mass market paperbacks; elementary and secondary instructional materials; higher education publishing; Professional and Scholarly Publishing; and the international marketplace.  Each division has its own executive body with an elected chair, providing guidance for the division within the framework of AAP's overall program.

Core activities and services including the industry committees are funded by the membership as a whole.  Divisional activities are funded by an assessment voted by members of each division.

AAP policy is set by a 20-member Board of Directors, elected by the membership for four-year terms, under a Chair who serves for two years. There is an Executive Committee composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and a minimum of two at-large members. Management of the Association, within the guidelines set by the Board, is directed by the AAP President and Chief Executive Officer, Patricia S. Schroeder. AAP maintains an office in New York and one in Washington, with a total of approximately 31 professional and support staff members.

Vision Statement

PSP will be the center of a robust and vibrant community engaging its member organizations, their individual constituencies and the broader publishing community with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

This vision will be achieved through focusing in the areas of stimulating membership and educating the PSP publishing community as well as the other constituencies with which we interact to better understand, appreciate and support the continuing role of the publishing industry.