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2011 PSP Pre-Conference

Publishing on the Move:
Facing the Emerging World of Mobile Content

February 2nd, 2011
Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
Washington, DC


The revolution of electronic publishing has been long on promise, but has been slow to migrate beyond the standard of web delivery. But with a new wave of platforms and devices for consuming and interacting with content, from Kindles to Nooks to iPads to Androids, the promise of electronic publishing is becoming a highly changeable reality with alarming rapidity. Taking advantage of the new digital revolution in difficult economic times requires intelligent choices to match the right content with the right user on the right device at the right time. . .while maintaining an agile response to emerging technology and standards.

This seminar will explore these emerging technologies and strategies for their effective and efficient exploitation, making scholarly and professional content available anywhere. We will consider the definitions and differences between ebooks and ejournals and apps, mobile web, and standard web as well as considering what technology might be lurking in the next wave. We will examine strategies, content management, and production efficiencies in the face of a multiplicity of devices. Case studies will look at how these new publishing options affect marketing and sales as well as providing the right applications for your content and your users. And we'll also consider the future and how quickly all this might change again.

Welcome & Introduction
Terry Hulbert, Director, Business Development, American Institute of Physics & PSP Electronic Information Committee (EIC) Co-Chair

John Purcell, Vice President, Full Potential Associates & PSP Electronic Information Committee (EIC) Co-Chair

Overview/Setting the Stage
Fernando Mesa, Principal Technologist, Mark Logic Corporation

Understanding the E-Book Consumer
During this session, attendees can expect fresh survey data from the 2010-2011 cycle of the Book Industry Study Group's Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. Specifically, the following questions will be answered:

  • When did print book consumers first begin acquiring e-books?
  • Where do they typically acquire e-books?
  • Which genre(s) are they likely to read as an e-book rather than a print book?
  • Which devices do they use most frequently to read e-books?
  • And many more!..

Scott Lubeck, Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG)

Coffee Break

Technology Wow!
Larry Schwartz, President, Newstex, LLC

Six things you need to know about mobile analytics
Should the presence of a mobile website completely change the way you do web analytics? Or is your current approach to site metrics “good enough”? Find out about the special implications for mobile tracking, both for websites and for mobile applications, as Angie discusses six key points about tracking visitor behavior in a mobile environment.
Angie Brown,Former Web Analytics Manager, Elsevier

General Q&A


Case Studies:
Whether you’re building a mobile application or a mobile-friendly Web interface, your organization’s mobile solution should be driven by end-user behavior and preferences — consider the element of urgency attached to your content and focusing on consumption in 5-10 minute opportune windows of time. Your mobile offering affords you the chance to simplify, reinforce the value of serendipity in information discovery, and lead the way as an innovator in publishing. In this session, Jonathan Morgan will share a case study on design and development efforts forACS Mobile, a new iPhone/iPad application that delivers a multi-journal, real time stream of peer-reviewed research content for the American Chemical Society’s publishing program.
Jonathan Morgan, Assistant Director, Web Strategy & Innovation, American Chemical Society, Publications Division

This case study will concentrate on sales and marketing and brand building, as well as  investing in target devices when they are evolving so quickly – the target environment is itself mobile – and, with the proliferation of apps, how to effectively market yours and measure ROI.
Andrew Malkin, Vice President, Book Content, Zinio

Loren Frant will present on the design and development of developing MedlinePlus Mobile ( She’ll discuss the National Library of Medicine’s decision to create MedlinePlus Mobile as a mobile-optimized Web site instead of as a mobile application. She’ll describe the device-specific display of MedlinePlus Mobile and WURFL, the open source standard that supports it. In addition, Loren will detail the technical and content management infrastructure behind MedlinePlus Mobile.
Loren Frant, Head, Health Information Products Unit, National Library of Medicine

General Q&A

3:00pm -3:30pm
Wrap Up - Move it or Lose it: A Summary of the Day's Themes
Geoffrey Bilder, Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef



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