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PSP Guest Speakers (Free Of Charge):

The PSP Books Committee are inviting you to hear from guest speaker, Roger C. Schonfeld, Program Director for Libraries, Users, and Scholarly Practices at Ithaka S+R‪ at its next meeting on Friday, April 11th from 12:30-1:30pm at the AAP New York office(and available via webinar).

Roger will discuss the newly released Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013.

What vision do America’s academic library leaders have for their institutions? How would they allocate their budgets if more funds were made available to them? How aligned do they perceive themselves to be with their colleges and universities, and with their immediate supervisors? What do they see coming for acquisitions and collections? In this presentation, Roger Schonfeld will address these questions with a snapshot of American academic library leadership from the Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2013.

The Library Survey 2013 had 499 responses from library deans and directors, or 33% of the population surveyed, allowing for robust analysis by institution type and other stratifications. It offers comparisons against the Library Survey 2010 on many key questions, permitting an analysis of how the views of this group have evolved over the past three years. In comparative analysis with the Ithaka S+R US Faculty Survey 2012, this presentation will also be able to examine the degree of alignment, or mismatch, between library leaders and faculty members.

The PSP Journals Committee are inviting you to hear from guest speaker, H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director and CEO, AIP at its next meeting on Wednesday, April 23rd from 12:00-1:00pm at the AAP New York office (and available via webinar).

Fred will discuss the new service, FundRef, offered by CrossRef.

FundRef is a new service offered by CrossRef for the entire scholarly publishing community. The service collects key information about the funding sources of published scholarly research. Prior to the launch of FundRef, this information was difficult to discern because it was not collected by publishers in any standard format, and it was not included with the standard bibliographic metadata that publishers submit to CrossRef for identification and discovery of journal content. The FundRef prototype was first tested by CrossRef in yearlong pilot project involving seven publishers and four funding agencies. The pilot was completed by May 2013, and FundRef was rolled out to the entire scholarly publishing community in mid-2013.

Full participation in FundRef by the publishing community will make this discovery mechanism increasingly useful for publishers, researchers, readers, libraries and funding agencies. Because of its success in identifying funding sources, FundRef metadata has been folded into the publishing community’s Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States (CHORUS) project, currently in the pilot phase. CHORUS provides access to articles tagged as receiving funding support from US federal agencies.

The guest speaker talks are free of charge but you will need to sign up as space is limited. You can sign up to hear the talk in-person or via webinar. If you or a colleague wishes to attend, please contact Sara Pinto at spinto@publishers.org.

In-Person Seminar or via Webinar

Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Electronic Publishing:
“The Specialty Series”
Spring Semester
Association of American Publishers
71 Fifth Avenue (between 14th & 15th Streets)
New York, NY
Or via webinar

The PSP Electronic Information Committee (EIC) is introducing another Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Electronic Publishing.

Objective: There are many exciting and new developments occurring in our industry from MOOCS, to semantic technology and industry initiatives like CHORUS, Cross-ref, Fund-ref, etc. This seminar series titled “The Specialty Series” will feature three great topics and presenters.

Spring semester
Tuesday, April 22nd — 12:00-1:30 pm
Taxonomies and Search!
The first seminar will focus on taxonomies and how they help publishers build search tools to help the researcher to be more effective and efficient in their search. Marc Cassar, Publisher, AIP will provide the attendees with an in-depth overview of their new taxonomy that will serve the physics community.

Thursday, June 12th — 12:00-1:30 pm
Funding For Research!
The second seminar will feature Carol Ann Meyer, Business Development & Marketing, Cross Ref who will present Fund Ref and how it helps the research community to have a standard way to determine which agencies are providing funding and getting access to this information, as we are looking to better serve the author/researcher community. Carol will also give an insight into CrossRef's Prospect Terms and Conditions Library which allows researchers to use a standard API to retrieve the full text of scholarly documents for text and data mining (TDM).

Tuesday, July 22nd — 12:00-1:30 pm
MOOCs, Manuscripts & Micropayments!!
Part three of our seminar series will feature SIPX and their outstanding contextual licensing technology in helping professors, libraries and faculty create a meaningful course pack within a tight budget while managing the copyright in an effective manner. SIPX (pronounced “sip-ex”) is a new technology start up out of Stanford University, which allows professors to assign readings from within the university Learning Management System, checking against library holdings and providing real-time pricing for non-holding items. SIPX services all types of online education, including MOOCs. With 40+ publishers’ partners and 27 publishers on their advisory board, SIPX has become a new force in the scholarly publishing industry.

Registration Fees (for all three sessions):

AAP Member - $100.00

Non Member - $150.00

For More Information: http://www.publishers.org/events/54/

Register Online:


In-Person Seminar Only

Free Brown Bag Luncheon: Mobile Delivery
Tuesday, May 13th
AAP/NY Offices
71 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Is this for me?
If you have between 0-3 years experience in any department of a professional and scholarly publishing organization this event is for you.

Why should I attend?

  • Network
  • Meet your Peers
  • Listen & Learn about Mobile Delivery

If you would like the opportunity to network with other staff in the professional and scholarly publishing arena, meet your peers and find out what they’re doing and learn about social media then thisfree(for AAP members) luncheon talk is for you!

How will the luncheon be structured?
The luncheon will begin with the chance to meet and network with others in the PSP field. You will then have the opportunity to listen to a senior professional in the industry discuss the many business options and opportunities to consider when thinking about mobile delivery of your content to your individual communities. Questions such as - What platforms should you consider? What are the mobile needs of your community? Should you develop a strategy or just "go for it?" What devices are your readers using where, when, and how? The speaker will provide information from a business perspective to help you understand and answer these questions, along with what options to consider when investigating mobile delivery and the challenges your organization may face delivering content in a mobile environment.

The luncheon will end with another opportunity to speak with your colleagues and the presenter.

Lori S. Carlin, Senior Consultant, Delta Think, Inc.

Registration Fees:
AAP Member - Free
Non Member - $15.00

For More Information:http://publishers.org/events/57/

Register Online:https://aap.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mc&view=mc&mcid=form_162409

In-Person Seminar Only

Professional, Scholarly & Academic Books: The Basic Boot Camp

Friday, May 16th


AAP/NY Offices

71 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003

If you have less than three years’experience with professional, scholarly, and academic book publishing this course will provide an overview of the industry. Or, if you have spent most of your career working in one aspect of PSP publishing and want to learn about other PSP job functions, you should attend.

This intensive daylong seminar will help professionals gain perspective on the changes sweeping the scholarly and professional publishing industry. The session will offer a comprehensive overview of the basics.

If you want answers to the following questions then this is the course for you:

  • What is Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) and how does it differ from Trade, Higher Education, and El-Hi publishing?
  • Where do books come from, and how do we ensure their quality? Who manages authors? What is peer review?
  • How does making an e-book differ from a print one? How does a manuscript become a book? How do we manage budgets, schedules, and workflow?
  • What goes into an effective marketing plan? How do we identify customers, what they need, and how to reach them?
  • What are the primary sales channels and how are they changing?
  • How do you read a P&L and other key financial documents? Learn how to understand the key indicators of a successful book.

Registration Fees:

AAP Member - $175.00

Non Member - $225.00

For More Information: http://www.publishers.org/events/55/

Register Online: https://aap.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mc&view=mc&mcid=form_161363

For more information on PSP events contact Sara Pinto at spinto@publishers.org.


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