A roulette expert shares his top tips for a win

Get some great Thaipokerleak roulette tricks. Read our guide with exclusive recommendations made by a real specialist in the field of this game.

Stephen R. Tabone has been writing about roulette game in a gambling website like Thaipokerleak (where useful tips and promo codes are released) for such a long time that he’s been calling himself a real pro in the field today. And he sure is. Through his materials we can, indeed, find tons of practical tips and advices to implement in our roulette activity. But instead of reading all of these articles (and they are a lot, because Tabone really loves writing), we have made a short brief with the top core elements.

Here are all the top tips for a win at roulette you can learn from Stephen Tabone:

  1.  It’s fundamental to take care of your bankroll. Always pay attention how much you have spent and how much is left for spending. By the way, this is a practical tip for all casino players regardless of the games they love.
  2. The belief that the roulette game is nothing but a fortune series of losses or wins is wrong. Unfortunately, many punters lose money, because they think that when playing roulette the outcome depends on the first tour.
  3. The practical roulette player should always have a limit of roulette sessions. This is how a good roulette strategy can be made even more practical and efficient, by the way.
  4. The roulette wheel has nothing to do with the outcome of your personal game. Whether you prefer to play in a ground casino, or in a website, choosing a specific roulette wheel by analyzing the level of luck it might bring is something that fortune-tellers should do, but not a professional gambler.
  5. Exclude all of the myths in your gameplay. And believe me, there are dozens of roulette myths across the web. For instance, here’s one for you: it’s a total myth that the dealer’s signature exists. By all means, any dealer has his own style, but we haven’t heard of one that has been winning over and over again through the year. If this was true, the roulette wouldn’t have survived for its one-century history, right?
  6. When you feel lucky, don’t count too much on your senses. The emotions are the biggest enemies for the punters. Sometimes, we tend to wake up with a sixth sense, which though, might be due to a bad dream or something like that. Even a visit of Thaipokerleak with new roulette bonuses might bring you the thought that today you will hit the jackpot. Indeed, playing with a bonus in the game will increase your chances, but when you see the things don’t go well for you, better stop and use the code another day.

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