Can you get rich from bitcoin casino? Is that possible?


Becoming rich by gambling – it sounds weird but can be true. If we look at the facts cautiously there’s a huge chance to take enormous profits from bitcoin casino games every single day just by playing your favorite game. However, if you don’t plan your movements as detailed as possible there is a real risk to lose all of your funds.

Time to change your job

Thinking of changing your tedious job with something more exciting? How about becoming the next Bitcoin millionaire and after that – why not a billionaire? Everything depends on your playing strategy.

First off, you need to select a game where you feel like a master. Here are some suggestions:

Live Blackjack

Probably one of the most popular bitcoin games (and also leader in online gambling at all) – in blackjack not everything is a coincidence. Also, you play live which means the other players are absolutely real and each of them wants to get the victory out of your hands although your greatest enemy turns out to be the dealer.

Rules of Blackjack

Your main goal will be to get as close as possible to 21. However, the sum from all cards must not go over this number. The game has two main „keywords“, if we can call them that –  „stand“ ( used when you do not need another card )and „hit“ (to call for one more card). Saying one of these words can make you a winner by hitting exactly twenty-one and the next bitcoin millionaire.


Well, maybe the hardest thing to remember about Baccarat is how it’s spelled. That’s not a joke – most of the players spell it like „baccarat“ but that is only the way we write this word. “Baacarah” – this is the right spelling although you may hear often interesting, I would say, spelling interpretations. Punto Banco, the most popular variety of Baccarat is often played in the United States.

How to play Baccarat?

Baccarat is played in a large group in most of the cases – from 12 to 14 players. You may have noticed that number 13 cannot be spotted because of the quite popular superstition that says thirteen never brings luck. There are two spots – player and banker. There are often 52 cards and aces are count as 1, Queens tens, kings, and jacks have value of zero. Main goal is to achieve card count that is as close as possible to 9.


What to do with your winnings?

Winning a large amount of bitcoins in an online casino may be a lot easier that saving these funds and taking a huge profit. You had better research the current (and also try to predict the future, too!) BTC price and consider when exactly to sell your winnings although holding your bitcoins may be the best long-term decision.


To sum up, getting wealth gambling is absolutely possible if you have playing skills and a bit of luck.


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