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The ever busy and enthusiastic Alex Dreyfus is either travelling or meeting people. The following interview was fortunately through the Skype. We get to know that the very first GPI American Poker Awards are going to commence from the 27th February, 2015 in California. It will have 17 awards, of which 3 will be based on the 2014 GPI rankings, 9 will be in the announced categories, one will be based on online voting and one lifetime achievement award chosen by a jury.

We will also try to understand how Alex Dreyfus built the GPI, which is gaining momentum and how did he make the GPI own the prestigious Hendon Mob, American Poker Awards, etc. and more recently the Global Poker Masters and GPL.

After acquiring the GPI and Hendon Mob database in a span of 2 years, Dreyfus bought the European Poker Awards too. Soon he made announcements of a string of ventures, the American Poker Awards, Global Poker Conferences, Global Poker Masters and Global Poker League.

Alex Dreyfus on PokerNews said that these proclamations came from his leap of faith. He dreams of something called as ‘organized poker’. He wants to make an impact with his promotions of poker and he has already succeeded partly. GPI is considered legitimate today since its players share Dreyfus’ dream.

Dreyfus’ rule number one is, ‘Leap before you look’. He makes announcements first so that it pressurizes him to accomplish it and thus deliver without fail.

The nominations of the American Poker Awards reveal how much Dreyfus is committed to the goal of uniting poker interests across the world. The fact that these awards are scheduled within a week of Academy Awards shows that Dreyfus wants the media to discuss poker.

Dreyfus was impressed with an owner of the luxury watch brand, Roger Dubuis, the skill and workmanship involved in making the watches and money they are worth. He could convince them that his players too shared the same level of passion and grabbed the sponsorship.

GPL’s entry into India

Dreyfus is good at coming up with surprises. His latest surprise comes in the form of a statement, which says that GPL will make an entry into India in 2018. Six teams from different cities would be up against each other and the winner will participate in the Las Vegas finale.

When Dreyfus was enquired about the season one of GPL, he said he had the top poker players of the world compete with one another for a period of 9 months. He was able to generate 400 hours of real-time content and about 180 matches. He also awarded $300,000 as compensation to the players, which was remarkable. He compared GPL with Formula 1, complete with a race track (GPL) and cars (teams) and drivers (players) racing with each other throughout the year. He wants to deliver this content to the media houses in India.

Alex Dreyfus shared some inside information regarding the GPL’s Indian edition. Poker professionals like Muskan Sethi, Aditya Agarwal, Abhishek Rathod will manage the GPL teams, choose the players, schedule the matches, etc.

GPL India would have 3 professionals and only 2 or so qualifiers, since Dreyfus is of the opinion that having more players in a team will reduce the fan interaction. They are still to finalize on the format yet.

When questioned about the reason why he chose India in spite of the presence of Amit Burman promoted Poker Sports League and Raj Kundra promoted Indian Poker League, Dreyfus points out that these initiatives are more of a tournament. The format of a League is completely different from these and the Indian market doesn’t have any competition, at present. Rather than viewing it from the poker point of view, Dreyfus sees India as an entertainment and sports hub. Since India is already fascinated with Teen Patty and Rummy, he doesn’t see why the poker market cannot grow bigger.

According to Dreyfus, their company will be involved in the television and digital distribution. He wants to provide digital platform since it will have a broader reach. Gambling is not a part of GPL so the events won’t take place in casinos.

Alex Dreyfus was clear that he will not opt for the franchisee model and disclosed that the Indian CEOs of sports companies and the media houses too feel the same.

Although poker is their foundation, Dreyfus wants to have GPL Poker, GPL Dota2, etc. that will make GPL successful. He is ready to experiment and connect with the audiences.

Regarding the legal issues associated with poker, Dreyfus says that poker is not a chance game but a skill game and should be promoted as such.

More Statistics on Alex Dreyfus

If you want to get to know more about Alex Dreyfus, what better way than to get it from the Hendon Mob page. He has got 10,092 unique views and he is ranked at 2779 in the France All Time Money List. His All Time Money List current rank is 62206th and the best rank that he ever got is 18615. He ranks at 2120 in the popularity. The best live cash is $16,577 and the total live earnings are $ 21,207…phew!! Poker will always be grateful to him.


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