Here are my poker lessons learnt while practicing the game with older players

Read the idn poker lessons I got from some elderly players. The old-school guide for playing poker properly is here.

In the past, I used to be such a big poker fan that I made everything possible to constantly change my point of view to see another way for a win. I changed the online idn poker providers on a regular basis. I was switching through an online to offline mode. I even made an attempt to play in an amateur environment to see what people, who play with no risk, can do better than us, the real money players. In such an event I met a couple of old guys, who were amazing poker players. They seemed to me a bit old-fashioned and I was kind of sure that I will succeed in beating them all, because they were not familiar with the latest poker trends, tactics and approaches.

What has eventually happened, though, is that it was them who gave me some good lessons. These old poker players provided me with some helpful lessons I will keep (and use) till the rest of my life. And today I would like to share these lessons with you just like those elderly pros did it a couple of years ago:

  1. The face is everything. Of course, you cannot apply this piece of advice in an online poker room, but if you go to offline casinos once in a while, remember: the first thing you should do is not to see your own cards when they are dealt, but instead to see everyone’s faces. You will have your cards all the time in front of you, so use the first seconds after the dealing to make a quick analysis of the competitors.
  2. Bluffing was and will be always a masterpiece of this game pro style. These old guys thought me that if you cannot bluff you should better go play some slot machines instead. They mentioned slots, by the way, because they are confident that not only poker, but most of the card and table games require bluffing once in a while. Hence, you need to master the skills perfectly well until you start using it regularly.
  3. Poker is the best social medicine we can all have – including without real money. Besides claiming that poker is not only about earning money, but mainly about having fun, my old poker buddies told me that some of their biggest friendships in life were created at the poker table. What they actually tried to tell me is that the rest of the players at the table are not your enemies, but your competitors. And a competitor should not be hated, but instead used as motivation and source for an improvement. Just like friendship works, right?

I will never forget these old poker guys. I hope they are fine and I hope you will meet such precious people in your life, too, because they definitely have a lot of things to teach you.

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