How can one win constantly through online betting?


In my experience, I have come to learn that there are numerous ways one can use to win through online betting continually. I am giving you a sneak peek of two ways that if you follow, you will be guaranteed of constant winnings…

Stay Away From Multi-Bets

Anybody that’s in the betting platform is either a multi-bettor or knows someone notorious in placing multiple bets. Most of these people end up complaining about how one sports team soiled the bet.

They also complain about how sports betting tipsters give them bad advice, and unfortunately, they keep going back to them!

The thing is, bookmakers, earn most of their profit from multi-stage bets, for you, however, these are the least profitable. The concept margin drives the reasoning behind this.

You see, a bookmaker takes a margin that translates to the profit amount he expects to make from customers from the bets. To arrive at the margin, the bookmaker tweaks the odds so that they don’t match reality.

As a player placing a bet makes you incur a margin; it translates to the risk you incur as a handicap you put on the backfoot and you minimize expected returns. By going with a multi-bet, you continue incurring the margin over and over in each multi-making step.

At the end of it all, a multi-bet is a poor investment. Bookmakers use psychology to exploit the promises of significant returns by tempting bettors with short term reward for high risk.

At all times AVOID a multi bet as it puts betting strategy out of the window. Bookies love them and use them to make handsome profits as you make minimal gains!

Create A Sound Strategy

Bookmakers want you to bet and have fun while doing it. They, however, don’t care for your well-being. Bettors know that when you bet freely, you will less likely make optimal bets and thus you will not maximize profits.

To realize better profits, you should skip the fun phase by making calculated bets on a high-odds sport. Always develop a robust strategy by measuring your progress and focusing on what you wish to achieve!


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