How to recognize a typical online poker player in a real casino room

Discover the typical things an online Idn Poker player might do in a real casino room. Here are the common features any internet gamblers eventually get and stands out with in a physical poker room.

There are definitely two types of casino experience nowadays – the one in the physical casino room and the one in the online gambling platform. These two areas of gambling have, on the other side, created two types of players. At one hand, we’ve got the typical modern Idn Poker player and on the other – the old, but gold experienced poker lover you can meet in a real poker room. However, what happens when you see an online poker player in a real casino room? Well, you will definitely recognize it by its typical online features and habits.

Here’s how to recognize the common online poker player from the traditional poker gambler from a real casino:

  • He might have some weird movements that imitate the PC mouse moving along the real table. Mobile players are even worse – they sniffle with their fingers on the poker chips.
  • He will act emotionally to any fail or loss no matter how experienced punter he is. It’s just because at home you are free not to hide your reactions when gambling.
  • He will communicate with the rest of the table with PC jargon and popular digital abbreviations such as LOL.
  • Rather than asking for some assistance by any of the casino employees, he will immediately ask if the customer support is 24/7 shouting “where the heck is this website moderator”
  • The online poker will not like any formal croupiers. He’s just used to see cute live sexy dealers on his screen.
  • This guy might get tired very soon as he’s used to receive plenty of comfortableness from online gambling and from playing at his comfy home in Idn Poker.
  • It’s very likely for this player to provide his user name or e-mail rather than a real name if someone from the table decides to meet him personally.
  • The online poker is ok to claim he’s got a rich experience in the field even though he’s only 25. Well, if making the simple math, playing online at any time and at any place provides you to gain more experience rather than if visiting a real casino, so this might not be a lie!
  • If there’s a poker tournament, the online player would like to have some breaks within each next 10 minutes. And you know very well, that such a practice is absurd for physical online casinos.
  • He might ask for some bonus by claiming a friend of his has brought him to that specific casino. Well, there’s no referral bonus in a real poker room, man!

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