Relive The Indonesian Delight Of Domino Gaple


The game of Gaple is famous across Indonesia and has been a hot favorite for long. Keeping that craze alive is the Domino Gaple from Gameqq, an online version of the same game. The actual game of Dominos has players holding sets of dominos and it is entertaining for four or five people to have a great time.

How to play Domino Gaple?

 Domino Gaple from Gameqq ensures that it has all the elements of fun that is there in the real life game of Gaple. So, there are four people to play even in the online version and you are one of them.

Usually, the dominoes are shuffled facedown and all the players individually draw a series of numbers, which will depend as per the number of players playing the game. Therefore,

  • When 4 players are playing, each of the players will require drawing 6 tiles and leaves about 4 of them to form a boneyard.
  • Alternatively, when each player draws 7 different tiles, there remains nothing to form a boneyard.
  • When playing with 5 players, all of them require drawing 5 tiles and there remain 3 to form a boneyard combination.
  • When playing with 4 players, a maximum of 7 tiles can be drawn and there will be no tiles left in the boneyard. At this point, the player who holds the double-blank sets as the initial title of the game. However, there is one factor which might come into play:
  • A random title is chosen from boneyard, which might be drawn as to suffice the first tile and the upcoming player for a round is selected based on a random assessment.
  • Domino Gaple by gameqq offers the players to turn lay tiles against the ends of a domino arrangement with the exact number adjoining to the same number combinations. While for a player, ending up the game in a tie, holding the exact number adjacent arrangement, will require to release on tile from their individual set.
  • The outcome of being dominoed, i.e. when all the minimum card sets are discarded or no remaining game tiles are available, the round will end. Thus, the futile tile will cease to exist and this will just show the final score as earned by the player.

Scoring and Outcomes 

  • Scoring in the game depends on the total of played and unplayed tiles in the end of the game. Which means, for a combination of 4-3, the outcome is 7.
  • The winner of the game is the player with the least credits to his/ her name. During any tie-breaking situations, the number of holding cards will come into play and thereby the one with the lowest cards is a winner.

 Variations of Domino Gaple 

Domino Gaple by gameqq, welcomes all the domino lovers to the main gaming scenario, puts a comprehensive show case of dominoes combination, and has plenty of winning scopes. The game comes up with some of the popular variations, the best of the lot being the one, which sees the player passing the tile instead of playing for real.


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