Understanding the Myths and Facts of Tangkasnet


Of late, Tangkasnet and Bola Tangkas have become very popular among the gamblers. The globalization of the technology has removed the barriers of the Indonesian version of the video poker. Though Bola Tangkas has gained much demand among the global players, some novice players are still inhabitant to access the game. The reason for such a hesitation is the lack of exposure to the game or might be some myths in the grapevine. Let us unravel the myths of the game.

Myth 1: It does not generate the required enthusiasm

It might be unfair to comment on the game without even playing. Those who already have tested their luck on both these poker games vouch that there is no dearth of excitement in the functionality of the game. The format of the game is slightly different than the regular video poker game. Both offer you the required feelings of fun and entertainment.

Myth 2: Rules of the game are complicated

On the contrary, the opposite is the fact. To some players, the regular video poker game might be intimidating to play. Tangkasnet is simpler than what you imagine. In fact, the combination of simple and easy accessibility made the game more popular.

Myth 3: The game is popular only in Land casinos

No doubt, it is famous among the regular punters at the brick and mortar casino. However, the ubiquitous growth of the online gaming industry has pushed the popularity to a next level. The digital version of Bola Tangkas is as popular as Tangkas berkembang ball game, which is the original version of a game in the 1980s.

Probably, you might find a video poker machine with a lower coin denomination besides offering you different odds and payouts. This is one of the reasons; the game is popular at the virtual casinos and on web gaming industry alike.

Myth 4: Bol Tangkas and Poker are the same

You should remember that no two games are the same. If they are the same, there is no question of both of them becoming popular among the gamblers. Though there are similarities, there are many differences between the games offering you excitement and fun at different levels. While you play the video poker with 7 cards, you need to discard the two insignificant cards dealt with among the seven cards distributed to you in Bola Tangkas. Of course, the similarity might be in making a combination of the higher order. The skill to make a higher combination of cards would make the game more excited.

Myth 5: No Pocket-friendly game

The player on the go can also access these games on the portable devices like Smartphone or Tablet. There is no interruption in the excitement flow when you are traveling.

Once you start playing the games, you will know that these games are different ball games altogether both offering you the fun and entertainment.

It is a fact that no player desire to attempt the game with some myths going around in the industry. The facts would debunk the so-called myths and allow skeptical players to the mainstream.


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