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Ever since the good old days, the craze for casinos has been on the high in America. Likewise, when technology took over and online casinos came about, people just moved along the flow. They have now adapted themselves to this craze and are falling in love with the gambling ways online.

They have a very reliable American gambling guide that helps them in more ways than one. However, who needs this guide and why now? Today, there are scores of casinos that offer great games for the slot and table game lovers not to forget the sports book fans. But is every casino trustworthy? It is absolutely impossible to say every business in the world is honest and so the same rule applies here even.

What makes American gambling guide a must?

There are plenty of casinos online and the American punters who cannot imagine their next holiday without a game of slots or Bingo, can now go for the American gambling guide.

But why is the need now more than ever?

We get to hear few cases every year regarding a player claiming that the casinos have cheated on them. While many casinos use RNG to create a random number to pick the slot games, many others do not. Such cases bring in a sense of betrayal to the players.

So, reading through the guide will help the punters to know if the casino uses RNG to pick the numbers. Cautious choices deter the players from falling into a trap.

What will the American Gambling Guide feature?

The American gambling guide will feature a list of reputed casinos that operate online across the USA. Thus, everything that makes the casino safe and secure will feature on the list.

  • Promotions on offer: Welcome bonuses are the best things that online casinos offer to lure punters in droves to them. This is also a great way to know if the casino is safe and legit. If an online casino puts up Welcome bonuses that require deposit or no-deposit and gives it to the players, then they get a brownie point. Now, there are casinos that put across a list of pre-requisites the players must have to qualify for the bonuses including wagering on 30 or more times the first deposit. This kind of promotion is a smart move that the casinos do but if it acts too tight on the purse strings, then it is not going to help matters in any way. Players will lose trust sooner or later, and not come back. However, the reputed and legitimate casinos also have their own promotions on line. These promotions include reloads and weekly offers. The players look out for these incentives, and if they find that a certain casino is not fussing around a lot and is offering these without much of hassles, then they believe it.
  • Legitimate casino: The American gambling guide will definitely feature the casinos that are legitimate and that have actual licenses from their respective country’s Gambling commission and other authorities. If a casino is not displaying this license statement on its website, then it is not so safe to deposit your money there. There are third party organizations, which might even offer certifications and other such acknowledgements that say good about a casino.
  • Online reviews: These days, there are review sites too in the internet that shall have the users’ review. If a reviewer or a few of the reviewers do not have something rosy to talk about the casino, then beware as the American gambling guide states!
  • Safety of the players: American players register in a site, and deposit money to start betting at the sportsbook or at the casino. They not just enter their personal details, but even their banking details on the site keeping full trust on the casino. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of a casino to protect these details by any means as the American gambling guide Installing really high-end software like SSL 128-Bit protocol for the same will be great. However, if the casino does not take it seriously, then you are in a big danger.
  • Transparency in the system: As the American gambling guide states that if the casino is open about the bets and the odds along with giving a clear idea about the lines, it is trustworthy. Let that transparency be a great judge of casino site’s worthiness and that should not be taken lightly.
  • Payment and withdrawals: If a casino has reviews by the users who have lost a lot of money due to withdrawal and deposit issues then stay away from there.

The American gambling guide is not just a helpful marker for the punters who go to normal casinos. It has been of immense help to the sportsbook lovers too who can bet safely when they come to know the legitimate ones.


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