Difference Between E-Sports Betting And Sports Betting

You have seen and watched sports betting. You may be wondering how it is different from e-sports betting. Here’s the way these two are different. 

The gamers need an excuse for betting on their favorite sports. The unpredictable outcome of the game has been the inspiration for them to bet. They also look for the best odds to take their excitement to an entirely new level. However, all said, punters also look for more unique avenues besides sports events.

So, what do they do? They look for other categories, from esports betting to virtual sports events. These are unique and have an equally exciting set of loyal fans to go for online football betting. If you have never ventured beyond regular sports betting so far, it is time for you to do so. What is esports betting and how is it similar or dissimilar from sports betting is what we shall see now. 

Betting on Real Persons versus Avatars

You can bet on real players who are playing on the field. These players may be playing at an arena somewhere in the world. You might bet in-play or pre-match on these events. However, in the case of e-sports, you see the virtual avatars of yours running around the battlegrounds or arenas. These would be 3d characters and not real people. 

Esports is Possible Online

Through the pandemic, punters bet on e-sports events and tournaments. These did not stop throughout the lockdown phase because people are playing these games online on streaming platforms. It is the second-best option for betting when the real events were not happening. Punters who were missing real sports could still bet online as these tournaments, and league battles of e-sports were still happening online. 

E-sports Betting through Platforms

While real sports happened in the arenas and stadiums worldwide, these e-sports happened on different online platforms. For instance, there were sites like Twitch and YouTube gaming, where people could bet and watch or take part in these matches. 

Diverse Gaming Formats

The regular games of football and cricket use a typical format of league matches followed by a playoff. The league format helps everyone gain better and has all the elements to ensure every bettor makes money from the same. On the other hand, the e-sports games like CSI- GO would have a league and a finale. 

Betting Styles 

A big difference between real sports betting and e-sports betting is the presence or absence of handicaps. There are small handicap bets such as round handicaps or defuse handicaps on games such as CSI-GO. Real sports would have goal-oriented or total points-oriented bets, and they would be beneficial for the players to earn more. 

Attendance and Lineup

While researching for the upcoming sports events, you may have to check the players participating in the regular matches. On the other hand, in e-sports, you need not worry about who is playing. The chance of players getting out due to in-play injuries is hardly there in esports. 

Such differences between real sports and e-sports make it unique, and they set an example. The differences are key to the players choosing one genre over the other. 

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