Domino 99 Best Working Strategies


Domino QQ, spelled as Qiu Qiu or Kiu Kiu, also known as Domino 99 online and 99 Domino Poker, is a popular gambling game. Although its popularity is most concentrated in Southeast Asia, the game is making its presence felt across the world. The game is a blend of poker and dominoes. Twenty eight sets of small domino cards are used to play the game and the betting is quite similar to that in poker. However, there is no fifth card or river as is the case in Texas Hold’em.


Winning a Hand in Domino 99


You need the highest value after the dominoes in your hand have been cumulated. The second digit is factored in to determine the winning hand. Hence, the total matters less than the second number of the value. However, there are exceptions. You would win if the second digit of all the total pips of all four cards dealt to you is higher than the individual score of everyone else. This makes a pair of nines quite useful, which is why the game is called Domino 99. There are hands that can trump a pair of nines. There are doubles and straights so you do not have to necessarily look for a pair of nines. The objective is to outscore the opponents and not to have a particularly surefire winning hand.


Best Working Strategies for Domino 99 Online


Look for the highest second digit you can get, which is a nine. If it is ten then you are basically left with zero. You should be looking for card pairs with a high total. You can hope for pairs of nines but also check if your total is thirty eight or more, if you have four dominoes equal to or less than nine, if there are doubles and if you have a better hand than all these three specials. You can vie for straights and doubles or without doubles. The hand would be assessed in comparison with other hands. This makes the following strategies effective.


  • You cannot exactly count or presume the value another player has but do observe the movement of the dominoes. You would need to have some idea of the kind of dominoes your competitors may have. This is not easy for beginners. You would only get to master it in due course of time. Play free Domino 99 till such time you get a hang of it. Like poker, there is bluffing in Domino 99 online. You must be able to spot signs of bluffing. Otherwise you may continue to fold and better players would keep wagering more money to drive you out. If you fold, you do not have any chance of winning and the other player is not even revealing their hand.


  • Start small, go for minimum bets, watch what the competing players are doing, start with a small table so it is easier to focus on all the players and do not keep repeating the mistakes. You can walk away if you are in a losing streak. Do not sign up for a table that has too many players. It is difficult to follow the games of plenty of people as they may have different and at times contrasting strategies.

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