Guide on K9Win Online Casino Promotions

The following guide covers the current promotion codes and bonuses for the following online casino: K9Win Casino Online Singapore.

Online casinos have all the advantages of land-based casinos with the added benefits of being able to play at home, being able to bring the casino with you on the go in the form of casino mobile applications, and the numerous joining bonuses, welcome bonuses, and special promotions you receive just by playing online.

 K9Win offers three main promotions: their Netflix Account Giveaway, “Deposit 50 Free 100”, and their 100% Welcome Bonus. These promotions are open to all members and can only be claimed once on the first deposit.

Netflix Account Giveaway

Although this promotion can only be claimed once, it is open to all members – freshly joined or regular. To avail of this promotion, members need to deposit a minimum of $100. On their “Submit Deposit Form”, players will need to tick “Netflix Giveaway”. This is considered their entry ticket.

They will also need to maintain a minimum deposit of at least $50 for 4 weeks.

This promotion can’t be claimed alongside any other promotions so choose wisely before availing of this.


Like their other promotions, K9Win reserves the right to cancel the promo at any time, and at their discretion. Also, take note that General Promotions Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use apply. Lastly, any offers from K9Win are restricted to one account per individual, family, household, IP and email addresses, and bank account. 

Take note that only confirmed bets or wagers are counted towards the rollover requirement. Any bets that are drawn or tied, canceled, or considered void aren’t counted as are any bets that are placed on both sides in a single game.

Also excluded from rollover calculation are bets containing decimal odds less than 0.5 or 1.5.

“Deposit 50 FREE 100”

This promotion can only be used with slot games.

The minimum deposit is $50 and members must wait for the bonus to roll over at least 20 times before they can request for withdrawal.

The computation works as follows:

With the minimum deposit of $50 dollars and the free $100, players will receive $150. Since players must wait for the bonus to be rolled over at least 20 times before withdrawal, the total would come to $3000. ($150 * 20 = $3000)


For this promotion, betting on anything other than slots is not allowed.

100% Welcome Bonus

The minimum deposit for this promotion is $30, and the bonus can only be withdrawn after it has rolled over 38 times.

The computation is as follows: For the minimum deposit of $30 + Bonus of 100% = $60. $60 * 38 (rollover) = $2,280.


The rollover requirement does not count for the following games: Joker123 fishing game, slot table card games, Texas Poker, Black Jack, and 3 Pictures.


Please note that these promotions, codes, and bonuses are viable as of the date of this article, and are subject to change at any time.

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