How do Free Spins Work?


Free spins can be used in more than one way. Applicable rules of an online casino determine the process.

There are different types of free spins. How they work depend entirely on the type, specific slot and the rules of the game. Casinos have similar rules but they are not always identical. Hence, it is imperative for a player to know the actual rules. To make gameplay convenient, most online casinos provide instructions and these are available on the webpage. Such instructions can be accessed anytime, before or during gameplay.

Types of Free Spins

The original concept of free spins is rooted in the game of slot. Free spin is basically a reward. It is not a win but like a wild card, there is an advantage. Traditionally, slots have had symbols that could unlock a free spin. Over the years, the concept has evolved and many slots have multiple free spins when a combination of certain symbols is attained as the result in any round. These spins are then used by the player without wagering any more money.

The in-game free spins are determined by the slot and of course the casino itself. There is another type of free spins. This is usually an offer from the online casino. Most online casinos have welcome bonuses. These bonuses may double or triple the deposit amount and include a certain number of free spins. A hundred free spins is not uncommon. There is free spins no deposit bonus as well. No deposit is required to unlock this but such free spins do not qualify a player to win real money. They are more for fun. A player can use this free spins no deposit bonus and try out different slots, unless the casino restricts its usage to only one.

How to Use Free Spins

The exact process varies from one casino to another. Some online casinos offer free spins no deposit or with deposit bonus and make them available instantly. Whenever a player tries a slot and gives it a spin, no money is deducted from the deposit. The player may be able to use all the free spins, win some money and only then use the actual deposit for further rounds. Some online casinos may require a minimum bet initially to make the free spins available, even though they have been provided at the outset. Players must read the applicable terms of how free spins can be used for a chosen slot at a specific online casino.


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