Loyalty Programs with Exclusive Member Rewards

Many casinos offer loyalty programs that feature rewards points and incentives such as free play, personalized treatment, and exclusive access to member-only tournaments

Like in other industries, loyalty is a result of possibility, frequency, and emotional commitment. The casino industry has extensive experience with customer relationship management to cater to and offer preferential treatment to high rollers and other valued customers. Thus it does not come as surprise that many casinos have also developed loyalty programs to reward customers.

How Rewards Work

One way to keep customers satisfied and coming back is to offer points that accumulate by playing different games. When they collect sufficient points, members are offered intangible and tangible incentives. Intangible rewards include things like personalized treatment, access to exclusive events and new games, or preferential check-in. Members also enjoy tangible rewards in the form of free spins or games, discounts, free transportation, welcome drinks, etc.

Benefits for Players

Members and especially high-value customers are offered a wide selection of lucrative rewards such as competitive room rates, waived resort fees, free parking, and dinner credit. Added benefits that customers enjoy include guaranteed seats at select fine dining venues, complimentary VIP and velvet parking, VIP lounge access, and a guaranteed personal host. Based on level or tier, some casinos also offer a companion card.

Many casinos and cruise companies also feature gaming rewards for playing slots, roulette, and baccarat. While most land-based establishments lack choice when it comes to games like sa game 88 or domino, they still have a decent selection of options. The types of rewards that players can get vary by casino and may include perks like priority slot service, no cash expiration, and annual rollover points.

Finally, many establishments also offer hotel and dinning rewards such as annual celebration dinners, guaranteed room comps, VIP check-in line, and access to exclusive room sales.

How Do Programs Fare

With plenty of benefits for players to enjoy, a logical question is whether loyalty programs help create loyal members. Studies in the U.S., for example, show that only about half of all members are active and even less are engaged. This shows that rewards programs are successful in building long-lasting relationships at least to some extent. One possible explanation why loyalty programs are only partially successful in creating loyal members is that they operate in a highly competitive market. As all casinos are competing for customers, they are increasingly offering lucrative perks like exclusive access to promotions and priority lines at hotels, player’s clubs, and restaurants. Other factors that play a role are location, types of games on offer, amenities at the hotel premises, and attractions and landmarks nearby. Purchasing and spending habits should be factored in as well. Research suggests that players who are heavy buyers when joining a rewards program keep up spending large amounts of cash while climbing up different tiers.

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