Top myths about live casino nowadays

Check out the most popular live casino myths nowadays. Have a look at some really misconceptions about live dealer experience in the internet.

If online gambling is something normal these days, the current trend is switching to the operator’s live casino section. By all means, such an activity is not just modern and cool. It’s also super authentic and it can provide you more fun. And if some of you money is more important than fun you will either miss to understand the essence of live casino games or you are just not made for gambling at all.

Since they are among the latest trends there’s always some room for the myths regarding the live casino games. And believe us, but we are not talking about one or two myths. There are plenty of them. Check out, though the top misconceptions about live casino myths below:

  1. All the live casino games are rigged. If there are still people who believe that online gambling is a rigged thing, then it’s normal to find many players who are confident that so are the games with the real dealers. However, the live casino games are also with randomly selected outcomes. And they are also checked out by independent agencies that take care of the fair play and practical RNG in online gambling as a whole.
  2. Dealers are not on your side, because actually they get percentage of your losses. The dealers in online live casino sections are indeed quite rich. But this is not because they are winning when you lose. Real dealers in the live casino sections are just offered with huge salaries because they are required to be experienced in casino sphere as a whole and to pass a specially tailored education that involves virtual gaming. And they don’t care whether you lose or win. They have fixed salaries in most of the time.
  3. In live dealer roulette there are hot and cold numbers unlike in ordinary roulette games within the operator’s common casino lobby. Actually, cold and hot numbers are nonsense if you ask any experienced player. Whether he or she plays in an online or a physical casino it’s obvious: the conception about the cold and hot numbers has been invented by people who rely on luck rather than on some smart strategy.
  4. Live casino games are more addictive that the standard online games in the operator’s lobby. All games are addictive. Even those that don’t involve real money. Unfortunately, the risk gets higher when money is involved. But there is no such a concrete trend regarding the rate of addiction in live casino games or ordinary games in an online operator. It’s up to the person and to the game type.

Now let’s clear our minds and forget about these myths. Finally they are all debunked! And we can play live casino games more confidently and more smartly, right?

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