When can I withdraw my bonus money?


Bonus money can be withdrawn on all days, except public holidays, during routine bank timings. Learn more about withdrawing money from 2BCasino.

There are simple rules for deposit and withdrawal at 2BCasino. All players have access to two methods of deposit and withdrawal. Deposits and withdrawal are facilitated on all days with the exception of public holidays. The requests are processed round the clock on a first come, first serve basis. The same withdrawal method and rules of processing are applicable to the bonus money in your account.

The two methods of withdrawing bonus money are through phone or Line. There are four phone numbers provided on the site. Players can call any of these numbers to initiate the withdrawal request. The same numbers can be used for deposit requests as well. The other option is to create a Line id if you do not have one. You can add 2BCasino as a friend via Line. There is a code available on the site that you can scan, using your phone, and add the account immediately.

The process of withdrawing bonus money begins with a simple request. This request can be filed through Line or over the phone. The request should have some essential information. The required information includes username, amount to be withdrawn, game balance, name of the chosen bank and the account number. No other information is necessary. Players should ensure the information provided is accurate. As and when a request is received, 2BCasino will process it at the backend. The game balance and the amount to be withdrawn shall be assessed. The legitimacy of the withdrawal request will be verified and the request shall be accepted. Following the acceptance and approval of the withdrawal, the funds will be transferred and the same should reflect in the bank account of the player.

The withdrawal process is partly influenced by the timings of different banks. Players can use an account in any of the four banks, namely Kasikorn, Krung Thai, Siam Commercial and Bangkok Bank. These banks have specific timings to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. Refer to these timings to know when the bonus money from 2BCasino may get credited following the approval of the withdrawal request. Banks are closed on public holidays and hence no deposit or withdrawal is facilitated by 2BCasino on such days. The bonus money to be withdrawn should be as per the rules of the online casino. All players should refer to these rules before filing a request for withdrawal.


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